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Abimelech’s Syndrome;the money-power.

You will find the story of Abimelech in both Genesis chapters 20 and 26 ;involving him and both Abraham and his son Isaac respectively. 
He,most interestingly, engages himself with the two men,two consecutive generations in a single lineage ,in  very similar encounters.
This is about taking away Abraham’s wife Sarah,and almost taking away Isaac’s wife Rebekah. The Bible’s most vivid reason for the wives being taken away,and these husbands risking death,is because the wives were beautiful!!

And each of these stories is most stunning,and we see the beautiful attribute of God where He keeps us from sinning,even as He demands us to be holy. Indeed,He is a God who is holy and a God who sanctifies us! (Leviticus 20:8).

But,apart from these most curiosity-building stories, Abimelech exhibits something that I could not just miss. That was so much  to just relate. This is between him and Isaac. 

Isaac,after a decree of protection from this same king,was blessed by God,even much exceedingly. He harvested a hundredfold of what he planted. He had so many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines envied him. 

Remember this is in an alien land,where God had instructed him not to move;similar commands given to his father.

And Abimelech, a king,could not bear the excessive wealth. I imagine that for the king to be so much intimidated and insecure,Isaac must have been richer than the government.

 Genesis 26:11-17 Then Abimelech issued a public proclamation: “Anyone who touches this man or his wife will be put to death!”12 When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the Lord blessed him. 13 He became a very rich man, and his wealth continued to grow. 14 He acquired so many flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and servants that the Philistines became jealous of him. 15 So the Philistines filled up all of Isaac’s wells with dirt. These were the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham.16 Finally, Abimelech ordered Isaac to leave the country. “Go somewhere else,” he said, “for you have become too powerful for us. 17 So Isaac moved away to the Gerar Valley, where he set up their tents and settled down. (NLT)

The money power. I imagine a powerful kingdom without financial power. I imagine a powerful king without financial power. This would be a frail king. An ideal one,somewhere in an unimaginable world;or is it an only imagined world.

Show me a powerful person without a commanding wealth and I will show you a non-existent world in which he exists. Show me  a powerful kingdom without money,and I will show you an ideal empire.

King Abimelech could not have been without wealth. Only that the Isaac exceeded what he and his kingdom had,most predictively. He could not have beared with him lest he could be the king,may be by the citizens. He sent him away.

The order of this world has a pattern that allows wealthy people to have some power and influence over the less wealthy. True thing is that money and wealth bestows power. May be come to think of it. What is the basis of the world super power countries?

This,if not well taken care of is dangerous,and much more to those redeemed. To us the Christians. Wealth power makes even the anointed of God who are not as well privileged to be less respected. And even much more dangerous,have less worth of themselves,because ‘the Isaacs they shepherd are more powerful’.

When anointed intercessors look at their power in the mirror of the world’s wealth power,they can’t engage in the next scheduled prayer. How can they? This is how they,if not careful,will find themselves calculating their worth. 

How will the Christians remain unashamed of the gospel of Christ which is the power of God before those who do not believe,yet they are less worldly-powerful?

How will the Abimelech’s syndrome,if not carefully observed, allow a minister proclaim without fear the gospel to those powerful than he is?

This that I choose to call Abimelech’s syndrome is so real in our midst as believers. I choose not to ignore. 

Money-power,however much is a top unit of measurement should not be a hindrance in our costly faith. The faith that cost somebody’s life.

Life-power,I believe,is more powerful. However,may be that could be a good reason where the apostles always encouraged the ministers to work with their hands and not so much depend on their flocks. 

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. 12 Then people who are not Christians will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others.

But,let’s beware of the syndrome similar to king Abimelech’s. 

Do not switch churches because the rest are more financially powerful than you are. Do not plan to not go for that prayer meeting. Preach the word to even the worldly powerful. 

Do not trade your inner power with the money-power. Money power is there. But the grace-power is there too. 

If you ever feel a sense of confidence (though is also human),only in moments of this kind of power, that moment you can as well stand as the rest,that end month when the salary has been deposited in your account,that time you get a better paying job,that time you have better grades and when your children are doing better;and you find a fluctuating attitude in opposite moments as these,you could be suffering from this syndrome. The ‘good’ moments could be moments of self pride.

Do not send the good,harmless Isaac away.

Lust,purity and Sexuality (Thanking God for the gift of sexuality)

Disclaimer: as you get from the intro,I may not be may be the very best to tackle the topic given of #LUST,as one in your age bracket,not also in a romantic r/ship, and so in Human terms am less experienced ,and also as I can see from the group participants,some of you are older than myself,but by God’s grace,I’ll speak.

And am not perfect in this,and as you will see,I’ll give my own experiences fearlessly,but one thing I know is that by God’s grace I’ve done enough research on this ,for my own sake (not only for this prep),both from a spiritual,scientific and psychological view,as a way of understanding my sexuality,yes!.And my struggles and way out of them.

So,God,may the meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth be pleasing unto you,and may Christ and the power there is in him be esteemed,for the sake of your glory.


So in this,I don’t want us see it in the English way as “a feeling of strong desire,especially of a sexual desire” but in a more modified way combining the English,the biblical and the struggle with it.( Ie.we may not go to lust generally to ALL men,including the nonbelievers, but I would like to restrict it to “STRUGGLE OF lust AMONGST BELIEVERS”, those of us who understand it,know it as sin,LONG to fight it,but because of our SEXUALITY always stumble and always fall.

Not in the perspective of those whom the Bible would say “given to the depravity of their mind…”;whereby they have ignored it as sin,and their conscience does not ‘condemn’ them,where they like are always ready, ever ready for sex any time,any day,ready to travel from Njoro-Nairobi,for any one,though remember that even for us,this could be our destination,

But I know so much we have heard on this topic,and maybe I may not promise so much new info.

However,as in the disclaimer, I would like to address it from a perspective we may not have had in the books,conferences, seminars or youth meetings.

The perspective of SEXUALITY. In a scientific, psychological, spiritual way.

In my struggles with this,I have come to understand the great role of UNDERSTANDING in any struggle,especially SEXUAL IMMORALITY. (Allow me be extreme in some points).

This will help us accept ourselves even when we have just fallen, and not condemn…it helps to understand that we are not alone in this,and its similar to all of our age bracket ( Mind you am referring to your closest friends in the fellowship,INCLUDING your leader…One time I wanted to really know whether my parents, at the time they were my age,were really struggling as I do,and indeed they were(don’t mind how I did it😊),may be the difference only brought by time and exposure.This was because it reached a point in life that I started thinking that my struggles with sexuality/IMMORALITY!!! was GENETIC,like why could I endlessly deal with it,even when I repented?!


SEXUALITY-Refers to the concern with,or interest in sexual activities/orientation/sexual receptivity.

However much BORN AGAIN we may be,SEXUALITY follows us!
Mind you,SEXUALITY should bring you to God in Thanksgiving rather than Condemning yourself.

You ask why?

When God created all things including humans,he looked at it all (creation),and concluded that “it is good”. SEXUALITY being part of the HUMANS.

When thanking God for your hand,digestive system etc,kindly remember to thank him for an ACTIVE,NORMAL SEXUALITY.

That is,even when you want to be a nun…they too have it,and it is a struggle for them too.

I like someone who says that “Christian youths are just as sexually active as their non-christian peers’; and surveys and research back it up.

When we were saved, we weren’t saved from SEXUALITY!! Meaning it’s too normal of us.So give thanks always.We were only saved from something we gonna see soonest.

So ,we get to somethings much ‘deeper’ now. Hope we gonna benefit together.

In this fight,knowledge is key.

In this fight,we have to understand sexuality of us men,and you,get both of them,

We shall see the reason baadaye (later).

And I first would like to state that…Men and women have very different kinds of sexuality,and their needs are different.

And in the mean time, because I desire that the scriptures becomes our back up,Be looking at Ezekiel 23.

Remember each gender will see the other as an ALIEN (remember the so many theories and unproved Info’s that there exist aliens in space who some believe could one day come and invade humans on earth,and some scientists have even claimed to have seen?),this means that,ladies are not in understanding of how men’s SEXUALITY is and v/versa.

Hence,as a man,I won’t know how the ladies really struggle with it as I do,including the lady that myself as a ‘struggler’ in CHURCH am ‘lusting’ after.Neither will she.

Unless with this kind of knowledge.

Mind you,I won’t know how hard my fellow man’s SEXUALITY is to him too,if I know less,either coz of fear, or ignorance*keep this.

 Sexuality of women(ladies) is COMPLICATED!!

Both scientifically and psychologically even b4 getting to spiritual.

Consider this: no pharmaceutical company has fully developed a pill for female libido enhancement.

So, give thanks…you don’t really need it.

And so,Ladies SHOULD rESPECT their biology.

For women,your sexuality can be suppressed* keep this,(I feel you if you wonder why you’ve not been able to suppress it,and always finding yourself falling)!

Yours is RESPONSIVE ( you’ll get it later),Ie it can be suppressed and then ACTIVATED again*keep this,!!

Sometimes your system doesn’t feel like it (and at this time we think you’re already delivered from it,and you’re so HOLY,and pure),only for it to be activated again,to more falling.

It’s responsive in many ways as we shall slowly see..

1.Women desire to be desired, just that,and with this,slowly get into the struggle

2.women WANT TO WANT TO have sex…

The SEXUALITY of you dear ladies is so complex that even the field of science did the first HUMAN GENOME MAPPING (for those who may understand) ,before understanding the SEXUALITY of women,and even the importance of some Godly organs like the CLITORIS (Sorry,am a scientist),and as you know,no genetic work is that easy,classifying the DNA?

 And maybe to let you see the comparison,to date,all that we know,even as scientists about the DNA,only 3% of the DNA is known what it exactly does,with all that you know!!

So,I may have a lot of women’s, but allow me get into the Men’s, a little bit, I’ll combine some.

So,Men’s sexuality.

Different from women,men would like sex most oftenly,depending on their differences but generally,NORMAL men,(with a sexuality well designed by God,to be given thanks for..) are ALWAYS sexually active( you wonder how weird we are?,please don’t and give thanks with me.Remember he looked at us and said,all-that-i have -created …)

We are not weird!!!

May be you’ve heard a secular saying ‘men are dogs’.

Disgusting.Sorry.So extreme.

It is not true (of course we aren’t dogs),but may be the motive of this could be true…sorry for this example.

Men are perennially sexual,day, night,any time…still remember even the saved,including myself.

Ours the SEXUALITY is not easily suppressible.
If the journey starts,it shall have to get to the destination.

Science behind:

Every man of our age bracket with a normal sexuality automated machine( by God) will want to RELEASE SPERMS every 24- 72 hrs,averagely!!!!

So,when the desire comes,our machines will rev so powerfully until something is done,or just happens( may be unconsciously while asleep)-Appreciate God for this..

So,yours is complex,ours is difficult.

Imagine it’s some desire that comes so strongly, NATURALLY and God in his Holiness expects us to remain pure…some times ago I was thinking through this and I almost concluded that this is one of the most difficult task God gave us,more than the sweat of working,especially for us who understand that ‘ no hint of sexual Immorality…’


Our SEXUALITY is visual!!!


We will always pursue what is good TO THE MALE NATURAL NATURE…we will always look behind after passing you,if you ‘allow’ us satisfy what we so strongly need,

We shall look at your curvatures,and desire you,we shall look at your waist ratio and desire you…(may be you’ve heard some talk about about 70% waist ratio of a Lady– meaning,your waist being 70% of the circumference of your hips!!!)

And mind you,even in this,as a man,I don’t need to even go to school,or even stop you and start getting your dimensions!!!. It is something natural.

For men,Sex is far more than being inside a woman!!!! (You ask how wicked we are? Please don’t.Just get it,it will help you too)

If you ‘help’ us lust,then,if not with you tonight,then may be tomorrow night,when YOU will have weakened* keep this.

Remember that ours must reach a destination!!!

It’s impossible for me not to look at one of my friend’s tight skirt,tight-skin,may be even a swimming costumes,a short dress and not have the desire,EVEN if I am just from the pulpit.

You wonder that’s my problem?!!

Just because you as a lady won’t let me order ( may be you’re at the time suppressed,and may be spiritual–you know ‘God looks at the heart’ thing- DOESN’T mean I as a man,can’t look at the menu….!!!

You’ve driven me crazy, and even if I will make it for the moment,MASTURBATION will be waiting for me in the ROOM!!!Just to relieve myself.

Mind you, WITH YOU IN MIND,FULLY UNDRESSED,FULLY NAKED,yet you are innocently sleeping or even reading your bible.

It is a question of maleness versus manhood. We cannot eliminate our manhood,and we are sure ,we don’t want to ( neither do you), since eventually we shall need it ,where I shall look at you my dear wife,and desire you sexually,and at that time,it won’t be sinful,but even much more beautiful.

Hope you’re not bored by so much of maleness…but am almost addressing much more relevant to you.

Our eyes as men then,explain why NO ONE,escapes,and the problem never goes away without a fight!!

Before we experience VICTORY OVER SEXUAL SIN (Ladies and gents),we are hurting and confused,asking ‘why can’t I win at this’ of the author writes this.


Yours the sexuality is more of contact.

Remember you desire to be desired. Yours measure the desire(before even the ‘real sex’) with contact.

You want somebody touch you…okey am not very sure how,remember with like we view each other as aliens…you want somebody foddle you ( read Ezekiel 23),sexuality issues can be traced even in the Bible… And at this yours is activated…

How much more when you meet an ‘always ready man- even that born again?

So,for today,I would like us appreciate the gift of God to us all:our sexuality.

However, we as Christians, “NO HINT OF SEXUAL IMMORALITY SHOULD BE AMONG YOU”.. thought, action,talk etc.

It is a hard difficult but,POSSIBLE fight.

Could we look at Hebrews 11:6?

And without faith,no one can please God because anyone who comes to him MUST believe he exists AND THAT HE IS A REWARDER OF THOSE WHO EARNESTLY SEEK HIM.

 Some one talks of this verse and says :


He is a rewarder of those who diligently,earnestly seek him.

Fighting sexuality and sexual sin is not like any other form of sin.

It becomes much easier to do it with understanding, and the Holy Spirit!!!

So,ladies,thank you.

Am honoured. I thank God for us all.

No hint is supposed to be in us.

But: He is a rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him.

And so,God, thank you. For the wonderful time with you and these friends.May you help us all.May You give us your spirit to help us fight. We long to please you against all odds. Thank you for the gift of sexuality. All glory to you alone. Amen.

He said light,not heat

There is a difference. Which most probably was not just spontaneous, for our Lord to use light and not heat. The symbol was wisely,intentionally and prophetically used.
I was made to think and taken back to this piece of scripture by a  funny short incidence that happened,which I choose not to share here for the interest of length and space ( nop,so that you don’t pause and think,’hey bro,this ain’t funny at all…you need some special medicine’..and may be stop reading).

This, Jesus said in one of His very first sermons. It could be one of the most powerful and greatest of any sermon ever preached. I thank God that then people could sit down for lengths and lengths of time without having to walk out of ‘churches’ with the excuses of ‘I have something else to do…I just had planned the day for only two hours of church ec cetera,so…’. Thank God you were not present at the time of Jesus.

The sermon was on the mountain. A whole Chapter of no interruption (even by a single song,worship or whatever). Mind you this is written. That could translate to (in my thinking) like at least two hours of audio, without the ‘pastor’s’ intro about him and his personal life and testimony counted. (God take us back to the days).

His statement about light is in Matthew 5:14:

14 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. (NLT)

Light cannot be saved for a next minute. If my lights go off (a blackout may be),from the moment onwards,darkness will rule my premises,however bright my lights could have been. Till the next moment I find another source, or the power is back. Light is never conserved for moments of darkness.

Heat. Try put out a source of heat in this minute,and test with your finger,just immediately, and even (for some sources) after some moments. You don’t wanna try this. 

If we heat up a room and we take out the heating equipment,and we have some other people who get into the room and get it much warmer,they would not (unless we tell them) be bothered what brought about  the warmth. They just needed the warmth. 

Jesus want us to produce the light,and let people see (live,as in like a media livestream) the sources of the light. When the light goes off,you don’t even see the source itself! In fact He continued to say how we even ought to place the light on a lampstand to give light to all in the house (in the world). 

So many others are so able to be heats,so much better than even us as the Christ-ians if we would ever compete in the category of ‘heats’. They are able to care,give and do much better than ,at times,us. 

But Jesus just ordained us. Let’s take the mandate.

Matthew 5:15 No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.

Visitors would just appreciate the heat and the warmth, even when not bothered about the source. But light? You have to also appreciate the source, the same measure as the light .
In fact,the best place to have a heat source in a room is the low position. The air near the source will be heated first.Then the convection will do its work.

He was speaking to his followers. Those who profess Christ-ian-ity. These are to be light. Light with no blackouts. Not the heat so that even when they are off ,people will still have some warmth. Lights all through. Lights every place.

Matthew 5:16In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

And when the world sees the light,it has to acknowledge that the source is the Christ-followers. It is a secret. All others could be producing the heat,but for you,light at all times.If no lights,the world’s interpretation is that the sources are not even there.

The focus is the heavenly Father. The whole purpose and duty of man. Jesus says,’so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father’.

May the light of the world never go off,as was the wish of our Lord Jesus.

May the light not custom itself into heats. May the lights desire to be on display,so generously for all in the large (or even small) house called the world. 

And may the light always focus on the one who actually lights them up,the heavenly Father. 

Let your light so shine.

Note the word light (not lights). May the brightness of the ‘light’ from the ‘sources’ so shine as we unite for the heavenly Father’s glory.

(For “The salt of the earth”, kindly click’ .)

When God delays to answer prayer

What’s up dears? It’s been a while. A young (indeed very very young ) devout lady ,highly ambitious ( I wish I can get part of this from her especially now as I write this and around this phase of my life), ready to learn and wise,a music lover (you just need to be present as she takes us through praise songs-like she’s good in all genres) and a good friend ( did I say she is an actuary in making?),sent this to me.. Oh my! God must have sent her this morning. Like I really needed the piece of peace from the Prince of Peace,and God (I believe so) peaced me up (and still in the process),through her. I believe you won’t go to hell ( neither will I- for sharing) to have a read of it and be encouraged too. Gloriah says she missed my blogs -Miss Muchakai,my next (this one) blog is yours (but her moves clearly-or so I think- shows her interest in writing). Be encouraged by her powerful sharing. You can also have a look on my related blog ‘Unanswered prayers are also precious gifts’ at and  from Desiring God’s ‘Unanswered prayers are invitations from God’ at .
Here’s Gloriah’s encouragement:

Back in Sunday school,I was taught that God answers our prayers with  either a yes,a no, or a wait.So what happens when God says wait? What happens when God delays to answer our prayer? What should we do in instances where we have prayed and fasted but the Lord has still not yet provided school fees or has not yet healed our sick relative?

Mary and Martha were in such a situation.Even through their talk with Jesus one can almost hear them crying out,”Lord why did you delay?”Jn 21:32 But the thoughts of the Lord and His plan concerning  us is much higher than we can perceive and He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask think or imagine.Eph 3:20

So when the Lord takes time to answer our prayer I’d urge us to shift.To shift our mindset from ourselves to God,from our plans and deadlines,to allowing God’s plan over our lives,from focusing on the prayer that we want answered,to the one who can answer that prayer.To shift our focus back to God thru’ constant  prayer and meditation upon His word.Over time,focus on God allows the will of God to take first priority,makes the negativity around us blur and gives an assurance that God is in control and in His time, He will make everything beautiful.

From your friend and sister Gloria Muchakai😊

…Please God,then my life will be easier…

Yes I pray. I  pray that my life shall be so much aligned in Your precious sovereign will,in all aspects. I pray that I shall forever remain in the confines of your purpose.
Yes I pray. I pray that I shall be drunk by your spirit. I pray that I shall forever move and walk in your paths,the paths ordered by you for me.

Only then shall I never miss a step. Then shall I never attach regrets for the happenings and decisions in my life.

If this is your promise oh Lord. If in all things You will work for good for those who love you,who have been called,of course by You,according to Your purpose. This is what You have been doing for them that love you,despite our lack of knowledge about it. Now that I have discovered it,include me in the numbers. I make an intentional decision. Take my life!

Then Lord,my life will be much easier. My life will be full of peace. I will remain forever more in perfect contentment. I will be full of gratitude all the time.

The answers to the happenings and experiences of my life shall be easier. And more direct. I will not struggle in their difficulties or complexities. I’ll only have a one clear answer to the multiple of those questions. 

I will not be anxious to make decisions. For I shall be walking in your paths. Paths already lit up,by your grace,with your glory on my rear guard.

Then only will I be comfortable emphasizing my ‘No’s’ and zealously pursuing my ‘Yes’s’ of this life. With the back up of the assurance of your embrace.

Then only will I be peaceful with whatever I reject, however promising or not,and grateful with all I take to accept.

And my answer to all these,as to why,shall be a direct one answer.Then only shall I take rest in all my comforts,and work hard in zeal.

I shall be greatful in both my good and most difficult times. My times and moments shall,as always,be in Your hands. Dispense them always as You so wish in my life,and make me glory in you,despite their ratings in the worldly view.

Make my life easier. Keep me in your embrace. I desire to walk in your will. To live in your will forever. I shall have a surpassing peace of mind,and an indescribable level of joy. Joy in my afflictions and difficulties,even as I have it in my victories.

My career,my academics,….just my whole life. Take it. I fully submit. My life is in your hands.

In all of my good times, successes and achievements,they shall ask questions. I shall also question. But I desire that my answer shall be,’Because my God is always and has worked for my good’. 

In all of my difficult moments,those that seem to have halted,in my failures,they shall ask. I shall also question. Make it easy for me Lord. Let me be confident to say,’Because my God is always and has worked for my good’.

Because if then my life is a tunnel,short or long,then you only see the light at the very end. May You unfold my life as a scroll to me. Page by page. As you see it fit. Let me not be anxious about anything. 

Then and only then will I take rest in You.

Let me live like one who has been called by Your Name,not like those whom You have never ruled. (Isaiah 63:19). Rule my life. Order my life.

I shall attach everything to your willful workings in my life. Everything Lord.

And my life shall glorify you more. 

Lord, take me in your embrace!

Lord,keep me in your embrace!!!!

They are too strong for me

Many are times we know the theory of keeping okay. Many are times we understand the theory of faith in the midst of hard times. And many,too ,are the times we appreciate the theory of perseverance. Forbearance in the Faith,and this is so much than just the description of words,most commendable.
Now that we are assured of preservation in salvation,where the principle of once saved,forever saved,as the works of grace alone enables. And so,perseverance is key in the life of every believer,even as he continues to believe. As Hebrews 12:1 would tell us to run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

But often times,in the midst of perseverance,we find ourselves much more ‘suffering’ in the course of perseverance. When we just are existing in suffering. Falsely living a life of ‘surrendering’ all to God. Yet this is not what we live for.

And so pain,distress and all that is in this family becomes part of our lives. Am speaking of staunch believers! Those who properly understand the comfort God is able to and gives to his people. Those who understand that they cannot do it on their own,but only with the help of the Almighty. 

They (we) become good in surrendering (a cliché word nowadays) to God but even the much larger part painfully suffering,living frustrated lives,falsely living a ‘perseverance’ life. 

And this is not what we have been called to. We can not (now in faith and in the reality of God’s word), make it by any amount of our strength and efforts. Full submission is necessary. The good total surrendering is more peaceful.

Where we honestly open up to our Comforter, that we are too weak for the situation. Not that we have not been praying. Not that previously we have been having a weaker faith. Not that we have not been committing ourselves to God. Not that we have gotten to a place where the respective situations have made us give up. We are still lively.

But,we do not want to painfully in the midst of our compromised faith,and false perseverance, that makes us live like orphans,without a caring Father. And we can bet that this is so real,and it happens. 

See ,David was a good fighter. He could fight and win the battles. Countless ones. And he could also fight and and have difficult times and troubles. And be in desperation in the midst of waiting upon God. How vulnerable man is!

And often times he could freshly submit his desperation, his troubles ,his disgace and his distress to God

Psalm 142:6-Listen to my cry,for I am in desperate need; rescue me from those who persecute me ,for they are too strong for me.(NIV).

May be we need to submit all afresh to God. May be we need to commit all things,all afresh to the only one who is able to give us strength through what is supposed to be the right perseverance. Just may be. 

An honest simple but humble prayer of ,”God,they are too strong for me.” Yes,I may have fought hard this far,but God,it is too much strong for me. A prayer of full fresh vulnerabilty to God. An acknowledgement with all our souls (emotions),heart (faith and belief) and strength (our flesh) of the Might of the Almighty God.

A prayer of ,” into your hands ,I commit my spirit”,so redeem me Lord. It is too much-Psalm 31:5

And Jesus was dying. And again,dying is painful,not only to the bereaved who,but actually pain to any dying creature. And man is not excluded.

And He in distress,on the cross,cries after the strength is too much gone, ‘Lord,into your hands, I commit my spirit’. There was not to be an end of his suffering about it,at least for that very moment.

And this is not a call for recklessness though. But a call of fresh reflection of that God is still Almighty,and is able to do much more than we could limit him to. 

A prayer of calling us to more humbled and desperate vulnerability to the God of heaven.

And we can always say to Him,’this is too strong for me’. 

And so,God is still our comforter. Acknowledge Him as one. 

He already is. You don’t have to make Him one. He said it.