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I thought we went past this…

This statement could not penetrate in my heart,soul and spirit less strongly. I gave a bit of my testimony to some friends,some two days before this good friend of mine,proving to have been moved by it,came to where I was and gave this is a conversation starter. And I could not quickly get what he was referring to,till he explained. Thanks God. Glory to God.
And the deep words could not leave their deep position in my heart for some days too. And it happened that they could come in my mind all the time.

I am cooking,and I miss some step in a regular recipe,and I think ,’I thought I went past this’. I am late for class just for a few minutes and ‘I thought I went past this’! I miss reading my Bible for a day and,’I thought I went past this’! And I found in everything I do,and not satisfied,’I thought I went past this’! All the time.

I knew it had taken a better part of my life in one of these recent days. It went beyond me,to other people. I see some ‘fault’ in them,and ‘I thought we went past this’. 

And so this day was a climax.Am in the fellowship of my fellow beloved brethrens ,together going to heaven,professing this faith,always speaking in Christianese,on this one afternoon. And fortunately or unfortunately,I happen to take a quick glance of  ‘their’ playlist. And it is obvious that we (or at least me) do not need a special psychological music category identification class to quickly classify the songs into gospel and secular, just by their titles. I have been there. And I was troubled. Of course. And ,’I thought we went past this’! Again.

Sounds exaggerated. Sounds over-judged. But still,’I thought we went past this’!

And I knew this was serious. May be I needed to ‘go past this’. 

And kept me thinking,’why am I so good’? Because I started thinking that so good I am. Why am I so ‘grown’? Because I started thinking that so grown have I been. I thought I had gone past through a lot that some people are still in. I thought I had conquered much that some people are still in battle to conquer. 

A big problem in our fellowships. And may be this holds a great bit of the truth. That indeed it is true most of us have ‘gone past these’. But, we should not forget the fact that there are still amongst us whom we may say or think of their deeds and beliefs,’I thought we went past this’!

The very purpose of fellowships. To together profess unswervingly to the hope that we profess. 

Hebrews 10:23So let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the hope we cherish and confess and our acknowledgement of it, for He Who promised is reliable (sure) and faithful to His word.

To spur one and another on towards love and good deeds.

Hebrews 10:24And let us consider and give attentive, continuous care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up (stimulate and incite) to love and helpful deeds and noble activities,

And to encourage one and another,warning,urging and encouraging ,even much more faithfully and out of true love as we see and wait for the great day of the Lord, when Jesus shall come back,approaching.

Hebrews 10:25Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.

So,to some extent,in our fellowship of brethren, ‘I thought we went past this’,could be a higher level of pride than we could ever think. Probably the same level of pride that any other unconfessed and unregretted and unrepented sin puts us in.

May we always thank God whenever we reflect on the extent he has brought us towards him since we believed. The extent to which we have come to hate sin and any other thing that would otherwise draw us away from him. It could not be nor is it just obvious.

And let’s remember the beautiful words,” whoever has been forgiven much (whoever has been loved much) loves more”!

The God vacuum

Our bodies are just well designed. Of course we know who the designer is and whoever did the fabrication part of it is,or at least should be in our finger-tip’s knowledge. And just to help us,this is God. The designer,and also the creator. And no one should underestimate the masterpiece.
Taking science,in my case medical science is  interesting. You come to be awed by the so much of a mastery God made in a human. The anatomy the physiology,name it. 

But something else is there that the science can neither  prove nor quantify. Something else not anatomy nor physiology. Something else that is both invisible yet powerfully present. The God vacuum. Or like I would like to lightly write, ‘The god vacuum’. Or should I even say,’The master vacuum’?
In each and every one of us is this kind of a vacuum. And like a default software in a computerized device is it so strong and important that it can not have a replacement,neither can it be deleted. It is inbuilt,and only becomes useless and of less utility when the device itself is completely destroyed with no other use,in this case,when the man dies.

And in the capacity of this writing, I don’t promise to really give its location in the human device-body. But may be it is in the heart, soul,spirit,just somewhere .The truth  is that it is there. Yes,the god- vacuum. The master vacuum.

The vacuum must always be filled. It is how all of us have been programmed. We must have always a master to fill the vacuum. A master is always greater. And the specifications of this is that only one can fill it at a time.

Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in).

This is Jesus speaking. It is almost obvious that behind this is a knowledge of ‘you must have a master! You must have a Lord! You are just programmed to have a ‘god’ figure!…’

So this brings an end to an unending debate. That even the atheists have this vacuum. However much they do not want to believe. Something fills this vacuum all of the time,as long as the device is in operation.

And here Jesus says,no two masters,no two lords,no two gods can ever fill the vacuum at the same time! The vacuum only accommodates one at a time. One at a time.

That you love the other and hate the other is like an extension of this truth. That you can only be devoted to the one and despise the other is more of an addition to this emphasis.

So the case is closed. The truth is at our disposal. No one can serve two masters.

It is good we think through what or who really fills our default vacuum. Whom we have exalted. Whom we have chosen to be our master,to serve and to be devoted to.

And there can not be and should not be for any regenerated one of us,that is,born-again and saved ,any other apart from God to fill this vacuum. Not partly,but fully. To have God as our master. As our lord. And till it becomes fully ‘The God vacuum’ in us,then it is not reflective of our professed faith.

But may be we would say that the vacuum in us is appropriately filled. But,if we would in any way have other side masters that we give attention to,then we hate one and love the other. It will be said of us that we devote to one and despise the other. And the difference from those who do not profess the faith as we do would just be the same.

May it be so much in our faith and fellowships, believers who have in them appropriately filled God vacuums,where only one Master has been given the throne.

And it is until the vacuums are appropriately filled by the Lord,God and Master that we will thankfully say and sing that ‘my life,my soul and whole is satisfied’.

Another fool

Here comes another fool. A normal,and even a could -be -wise fool. This could be even a more silent type of a fool,a clear contrast from the hyped up majority of the fools. A different form of the same species.

Isaiah 32:5-6.No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected.

For the fool speaks folly,his mind is busy with evil: He practices ungodliness and spreads error concerning the LORD;the hungry he leaves empty and from the thirsty he withholds water.(NIV).

God presents special characteristics of this special kind of a fool through this text of scripture. So clearly does he do it.

  1. The fool speaks folly. Of course this must be a feature,for all species.It is a distinguishing characteristic.
  2. His mind is busy with evil.Like all the time. Nothing good is ever in his mind. He plots evil.He imagines evil.He fantasizes evil. 
  3. He practices ungodliness. Ooooh! He even does all he thinks in his mind practically.
  4. He spreads error concerning the LORD. Could this be the most dangerous? So he knows the Lord? He preaches error.He reduces God to a lesser god among them he is able to speak to,write to. 
  5. The hungry he leaves empty. This,God calls a fool. He doesn’t know the way to life. The small acts of mercies are non-sense to him.
  6. From the thirsty he withholds water. He has the water. He withholds it from them that really are in need.

So such is another not widely well known fool. We have known fools to possess other much better known characteristics. But to us here is presented others much more defining of another kind of fool.

When we have not known God,when we have not repented and believed in God,when we are just in sin and when we are not careful to fear the word of God and to take it with deserving reverence and allowing God to be centred other than ourselves.

When we do not show acts of mercy and kindness,the basic elements and more important matters of the law-justice ,mercy and faithfulness,which are supposed to be much more practised. (Matthew 23:23) 

The LORD would call this type of men fools. He says that no longer will this kind (fools) be called noble,(with all that they are and have or appear to be),nor will they be respected.The much they have already done and received will be just enough. And that would be the end of their ‘glory’.

This other fool could be even much dangerous,than the more common species. He could be a wise fool,with all the knowledge and understanding. But as long as he is in possession of any of this,the LORD has a class for him;the class of fools. That his understanding has no understanding at all. That his knowledge is not knowledgeable at all.

He could be stubborn to yield to Christ in humility and repentance.

He could also be in the faith yet with such-like characteristics. And the description is one and the same.

So,another fool? Here he is.

The chief convincing reason for the ‘extreme’ kind of worship-Romans 12:1

Our God is so good.And his word is just so well organized,and a well thought of holy text,his own breath,so wonderful to read through,and even gets much better interesting when you get to study it than just read through.You know that time you are thinking through- one main statement in the introductory courses of Communication skills is that “reading is a thinking process”, and that is the definition of the word Reading.
And ‘thinking through’ the book of Romans is not as easy.But one mentor in scripture study once said to me that,”Moments such as these,where at times you do not get easily what is written,and at times will not get at all,are the ones which make the study more beautiful and interesting”.

So Romans! All the way from Chapter 1.A hard struggle.Am sure even the Romans themselves had some difficulties decoding what the Apostle had to tell them.

Fast forward, most of the content before is about Paul explaining to the Romans that,”Friends,salvation is a great gift” from the Lord.He goes to an extreme extent of introducing the doctrine of election (where God desires that all humankind be saved,but at the same time knows who he predestined,and knows who shall have been saved by his appointed time-Romans 11:2,4,7)-a doctrine that is one of the hardest of all times,hard to grasp and hard to accept for many of the believers,yet that which Paul emphasizes so much in 11 prior chapters!

If you had some points as reasons and proofs of God’s Sovereignty, then add this one to the list.He says of this,’I will have compassion on whom I have compassion,and mercy on whom I have mercy’.This He directed to the point of salvation.

So Romans 12:1;

 Therefore, I urge you brothers,in view of God’s mercy,to offer your bodies as living sacrifices,holy and pleasing to God,this is your spiritual act of worship. (NIV).

I took a really pretty significant time while studying this part,and by God’s grace and Holy Spirit,got to put the necessary pieces together.And it was,again,much much humbling.

You study it carefully and you realize that the word ‘Therefore‘,that would otherwise be replaced with ‘and so’,’for that reason‘,ec cetera,is a ‘therefore’ for eleven chapters.All that Paul had been saying in 11 chapters.These are his exhortations, or just short points for the Romans (for us),as a summary for the much he has already said.

And the first exhortation is extreme.He says,”offer your bodies as living sacrifices…holy and pleasing, for this is your spiritual act of worship “...I consider this an extreme kind of worship- offer your own bodies…living sacrifices…?

Fortunately he gives a reason for this.Why should you go to this extent for God? And the answer is: “In view of God’s mercy”-NIV.,because of all he has done for you”-NLT,in view of all the mercies of God”-AMP.

So,I asked myself which these mercies were.And the answer never delayed.The mercies of salvation. Intetesting! Myself being saved is the reason why I should go to this form of worship,a worship of all the time,a portable worship.Paul simply tells us not to make light of all God has done for us in matters of salvation.He is moved,and wants us too to be moved.

He admonishes us that,when we consider the so much mercy God had on us when he saved us,we should just worship reasonably. We should worship intelligently.We should worship rationally.And this is by offering our bodies as living sacrifices.

It is the spiritual act of worship.I now think and believe that a Christian or a believer who is not able to give thanks for the gift of salvation,will never learn to appreciate any other thing,privilege or blessing the Lord gives them.

A Christian or a believer who is not able to give thanks for the gift of salvation,will never learn to appreciate any other thing,privilege or blessing the Lord gives them.

Consider Romans 11:7-Paul says that what Israel sought so earnestly it did not obtain,but the elect did.The others were hardened…. Salvation is such a precious gift from God,that he is the one who gives,and determines who to give,something precious to know especially when you’ve  come (been brought-by God!) to salvation.So many are available for the gift,but it’s the one having the gift who decides who to give.And Paul says that for this very reason,let’s go for this worship.

So many are available for the gift,but it’s the one having the gift who decides who to give.

A worship with an understanding. A worship with revelation.It is the most intelligent we can offer,WHEN WE CONSIDER THE MERCY OF GOD to us.This is the way to truly worship him (AMP).Because of all He has done (NLT).

Romans 11:22-consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God:sternness to those who fell,but kindness to you,provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you will also be cut off.(NIV).

God,out of his mercies showed us kindness.A reason for the ‘big’ worship.

Romans 11:32-‘for God has bound all men to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.

And privileged you (Romans and ourselves) if this mercy has reached you.And so,do that which is reasonable.Do that which is intelligent for you to do.Do that which is rational for you to do-now that you have known this.

This spiritual act of worship – offering our bodies as living sacrifices- may not be easy.It may not even be understood by many.It may seem so much out of place.But,in view of God’s mercy,in consideration of what the Lord has done,then it would be wise for you to go to this extent.

A living sacrifice,in essence, must be in a way painful. Remember this is a comparison of what the sacrifices in the Old Testament were,though they were dead and you know God rejected them?

Isaiah 1:11To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me [unless they are the offering of the heart]? says the Lord. I have had enough of the burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts [without obedience]; and I do not delight in the blood of bulls or of lambs or of he-goats [without righteousness].

But this one is a sacrifice being offered while alive,and it may need some stretching ,a little bit.

Do not make light of God’s salvation.It is a privilege to be in.In this other side of life,with the Lord.

In view of His mercies,the mercies that leadeth to salvation,worship Him all the time,reasonably,intelligently,rationally.By giving your bodies as living sacrifices,holy and acceptable.

Reminiscing of his greatest gift, He is worthy of such.It may be extreme to us,and I believe may have also been to the Romans.

But,because of all He has done (NLT),in view of His mercy (NIV),let’s yearn for and do it.

“This is truly the way to worship him”-AMP.

If not ‘Merciful’,then He’s ‘Full of mercy’.

The ‘mercifulness’ of our Good Good Father is a holy attribute that can never be disqualified from him by anyone or anything or even situation.It remains his character from the very beginning of time.It’s so clear from His word.Our Godly legends could not live out of this fact (by faith we believe so-Hebrews11).
Many are times when we think,feel or because of our depravity as humans that God is not merciful.

‘Merciful’ would be (and still is) used on individual circumstances or,for lack of better words,isolated cases.For example,one case of forgiven sin-we would say that God was merciful! Or even better, when he does evidently makes you pull through a difficult and tough experience.

I see this aspect of ‘merciful’ with many legends.David? Yeah-

Psalm 31:22-In my alarm I said,”I am cut off from your sight! “Yet you heard my cry to you for mercy when I called you for help.(NIV)

Psalm 6:2Have mercy on me and be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am weak (faint and withered away); O Lord, heal me, for my bones are troubled.(AMP)

Psalm 31:9Have mercy and be gracious unto me, O Lord, for I am in trouble; with grief my eye is weakened, also my inner self and my body.(AMP)

And I know you can help me with the highlights,on and on.

And we also have those awesome,amazing and wonderful times that we have testimonies of “God was merciful”.So many of them in our lifetime.Remember the major one?That for us all,He called us unto salvation.Wait! This was just so merciful of him.Those who are sinful in their heart have their hearts so much in hostility against God- they can’t bring themselves to God,they do not comprehend anything of God,they can’t submit to God’s law (Romans 8:7).

Or maybe: that time He was ‘Merciful’ enough to heal you or your loved ones from the giant unhealthy conditions at that time.That time he saved our families from getting into a ditch.That time He gave you that testimony that if given a second,you will definitely remember….That time…. That time…that time….I bet you are turning nostalgic.As you are standing,sitting reminiscing about the good great moments that ‘God was so merciful’.

So many are also the times we have lived to wonder why such moments would not repeat themselves in the same similar or even better versions.Those times again when we feel the good deeds of the Lord far away from us.

Those times when the gifts of our Lord to us,as in an earlier post,seems to be a ‘gift in form of an unanswered prayer’,a gift hard to appreciate,however much precious at times it is,to us.And we tend to ask;sometimes loudly,sometimes within our spirits and inner selves,’why isn’t/wasn’t god merciful to me/us in this regard?’- And pretty sure,by every means,all convincing reasons-in human terms-lead to a conclusion that ‘God is/was not merciful’.

And this includes in cases of ‘extreme’ reasons of sickness and death,and I know my conscience is not failing every time I include this in my posts.A completely  lost child-in case of a parent (yet for other children,’God was merciful’).A divided church,ministry,despite all measures and prayers-yet God kept intact all others-hence was ‘merciful’. And again,the breakdown in the list is and can be endless.

Sometimes it would be in similar cases,and God,full of his Sovereignty(an attribute of God,if well understood with all sobriety by all Christians,would bring them down to their knees),’shows his mercy’ on one and ‘doesn’t on the other’.And,no one can question him on this.And even if,He is not obligated to give an account,or a report on His ‘resolutions’- and again,this should bring me( us) to our knees.Not in the fear of ‘being afraid’ or ‘intimidated’,but the fear of adoration- worship.

So,as you may have realized,I’ve used single quotation marks(‘ ‘) in more than enough times,and this is just to illustrate or simply show that these are all our human views, or conclusions,and convictions,and not really what our good Lord,who has called us to himself,and is not ready to just turn us away in such ’embarrassing’ inconveniences,views the whole lot of everything.He sees his love to us,even when we can’t.

And all he wants to remind us is that,I may not have turned out to be ‘merciful’-at the instant- but,son,daughter, I am full of mercy.This is one of those constants that I always put in my equation,that all equates to my glory.I am full of mercy.And my word can I not deny.

Psalm 25:6Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercy and loving-kindness; for they have been ever from of old.

So, child…you can bank your trust on God.He is trustable.He is trustworthy.You can trust him for mercy.

31:22-In my alarm I said,”I am cut off from your sight!”Yet you heard my cry to you for mercy when I called you for help.

The great psalmist was alarmed and felt as if he had been cut off from God’s sight-a feeling always present when God seems not to be Merciful.But David knew the secret,that with and through all,GOD IS FULL MERCY, and he did what every trusting child would do to his father,he cried for help,and mind you,God heard his cry,and rubber stamped that “I may not have been ‘merciful’,but I AM FULL MERCY.

So,the manifestations of God’s mercy, in human terms may not have been.And even may never at times be in the future.But even in such times,God is full of mercy.Plead for his mercies.

Because at times we shall feel like David in psalms 6:9..”The lord has heard my cry for mercy;the lord accepts my prayer”,and at times we shall not.

And in such times,“My God is still full of mercy”,should be in the repeat mode,with constant Thanksgiving in our spirits.

Because indeed He is.

Shameless audacity in prayer.

A teaching is  there of Our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Luke 11.An inspiring one and that who h must have been out of much great love.And briefly:
One day Jesus was praying in a certain place.When he finished,one of Hus disciples said to him, “Teach us how to pray just like John the Baptist did to his disciples”.

And Jesus said to them (now that he was to answer all the disciples):” When you pray,say this:

Our Father Who is in heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come. Your will be done [held holy and revered] on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us daily our bread [[a]food for the morrow].

And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended us or done us wrong]. And bring us not into temptation but rescue us from evil.

And I bet we have known this prayer since just a long time ago.
But Christ never stopped at that.He continued to a part that is encouraging,and coming from the one who understands the processes,mechanisms and the will of heaven, it must be and should be a great source of hope to us in regards to our prayers.

And he gave a parable, and we would call it nowadays an analogy:

Luke 11:5And He said to them, Which of you who has a friend will go to him at midnight and will say to him, Friend, lend me three loaves [of bread],

6For a friend of mine who is on a journey has just come, and I have nothing to put before him;

7And he from within will answer, Do not disturb me; the door is now closed, and my children are with me in bed; I cannot get up and supply you [with anything]?

So,which of you(us) has such a friend?

And jesus continued:

8I tell you, although he will not get up and supply him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his shameless persistence and insistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.

Wow!Now not because he is a friend that he will wake up and help,but because of “his shameless persistence and insistence”, he will- he has to,he must,-and ‘give him as much as he needs’.Has not your needs been met in whichever,whatever way?

And after all that,”9So I say to you, Ask and [b]keep on asking and it shall be given you; seek and [c]keep on seeking and you shall find; knock and [d]keep on knocking and the door shall be opened to you.

10For everyone who asks and [e]keeps on asking receives; and he who seeks and [f]keeps on seeking finds; and to him who knocks and [g]keeps on knocking, the door shall be opened.

And a precious message if encouragement had been passed. The way to pray.A prayer of insistence and persistence.To knock a door however much locked it may seem or even be- and so,knock and keep on knocking,and it shall be opened.And everyone who seeks,and keeps on seeking, will find.And everyone who asks,and keeps on asking,receives.

Because no father would give a stone to his child who asks him for a bread.No one of them would give his child a snake if he asks for a fish.And no one of them would give a scorpion in place of an egg requested.

Praying with the hope and faith if a faithful God who hears,and who answers.For even he earthly fathers are able to give good gifts to their children,however much evil they are-how much more will be our father in heaven.

And this is his how Jesus taught us how to pray.All the way, and I believe not only from ‘Our Father’ to the ‘amen’,is the great teaching on prayer by Jesus.

That even if the friend may not attend to you at midnight ‘just because you are his friend’,he will just do it because of ‘your shameless persistence and insistence’.That you have got the ‘guts’ to go to him.You have the ‘audacity’ to go to him,because you are in need.

We may not know the response of the friend, but at least he may consider that which you also not expected.

Our God is faithful.Our God is wonderful.Our God is caring.

So,who of you has such a friend?Who of you doesn’t have such a friend?

Who of you has God?To seek from,to ask from,to knock at his door? In whichever and whatever way,He will ‘wake up,open up the door,and give you as much as you need’.

The baseline is: ‘because of the man’s boldness,audacity,shameless persistence and insistence’,he will be given as much as he needs.

This is also a friend’s view of this and more.

It is not as though God’s Word had failed…

Sometimes believers have one of the greatest problem and challenge that could face them. Disbelief!Doubts!This is almost always common to the ‘finite’ men they are;mortal-only dependent on the Mighty,Infinite and All-sufficient God,without whom,even the little faith they (we) have would be a nightmare.

And this is just a secondary effect,of the primary cause of anchoring our hope on the wrong things and people, apart from the God of the Bible, and even if in the ‘good’ Christ, the roots and the foundations are wrongly set up.We don’t embrace the good,gracious,beautiful,powerful,loving God,both in good times and the difficult moments.

For the difficult moments (notice the use of the word difficult,and not the bad times!),we want explanations on their occurrence and happenings.We want an explanation (mind you from God!),on our pains,our sicknesses,our failures,our embarrassments, our bereavements,our heartbreaks.And more often than not is when we do not get them,or may be the best version of them,if we manage.And if our hope is wrongly anchored,our hearts then yield to more hurting.
Now that we can not understand why things can happen to us yet we believe.Yet we pray quoting, with faith,the best suiting scriptures.The “situational scriptures”- and I attach no harm to this.Yet the turn of events is not the best for us,as we would have expected.
Wait!Did the Word of God fail for me?Why did it not work? I had faith.I had hope.I have been believing.I have been serving.I have been doing this and doing that other one.
You are not alone.Be in the fellowship of believing believers and you will get to understand. You will get encouraged (Hebrews10:24-26).
Paul feels that the Romans felt the same, mind you,concerning the issue of salvation.They could not understand why some people could not accept the gospel.Yet it was in the scriptures that the intention of God was that all people and peoples and nations be saved.They could not understand why this Word was not coming to pass.
Romans 9:6-It is not as though God’s word had failed.For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel.
Paul gives the best encouragement and a therapy to the soul of the Romans concerning the same.He simply points  out that the Word is the one of  best constant they could find.It is written,and that is it.It never fails.
An encouragement to us too.In that ” difficult” moment,that you prayed and nothing seemed to have been done,it is not as though God’s word had failed.
Amplified version puts it as,’it is not as though the word came to nothing’.So it is NOT AS THOUGH the Word of the Lord never came to nothing.It is just flawless.Perfectly perfect.
We may not always get the ‘why’s’ of the pains, though it always feels as if if we would,it would make us understand and get much better and well with it- as we think in human terms.But at the same time,He is not obligated to give us the reasons.He’s just God.
Romans 11:35-“who has give to God,that God should repay him?…”
But I hope this encouragement is enough.Fortunately it comes from the Word of the Lord,our only hope.The hope is alive.Much better than just believing that we have an inward potential within ourselves,that we at times don’t even feel- sincerely.That time that the best that the ‘world’ can tell you is ” Greatness requires internal toughness”,yet the toughness for greatness is just missing in action.
It is not as though God’s promise,failed.It is not as though the prayer did not avail much.It is not as though God’s word failed.
‘Not as though’, I believe,carries a weight that if offloaded, will be such a big motivation.To trigger us to rise up,dust ourselves off,and continue with our walk if we were walking,or race,if we were running.But not remain on the ground,same place.Or even worse,retreat.
I know your heart is broken,but praise God it is still beating-it is not as though God’s word had failed during its breaking.
This is not an exhortation for the past but also for the future.Such incidents occasionally ‘like’ repeating themselves.
In all,remember that ‘it is not as though’ God’s Word will have failed.
This calls us to more Humility before God.More reverence.More praise and worship.
It is not as though God’s word had failed!Even when we have every conviction convincing us that it did fail.Even when we feel we have every proof on and about it.
It is not as though God’s word had failed!